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Which is a Capsule-Filling Machine?

Using an automatic capsule-filling machine is a safe and efficient way to produce capsules. It has a dependable design, precise dosing tools, and a safety system that prevents unintentional accidents. It has been designed in accordance with cGMP standards. Moreover, it has rich HMI functions and a number of adjustable settings. It can also be linked to a printer for printing production information.

The machine has an inclined angle feeding structure and an easy-to-use control panel. The machine also features a modular design that makes cleaning and maintenance easier. A vacuum cleaning station is also provided in the filling line. A lubrication system is also provided to help increase the service life of the machine.

The capsule-filling machine is built with stainless steel for durability and stability. Moreover, it has a mechanical drive system for creating rotary motion. It also has an inching control system to make loading and unloading easier. This machine is equipped with sensors that help determine the appropriate filling levels. It also has a safety door that prevents access to moving parts. In case of emergencies, the machine has a security switch that automatically stops the machine.

The capsule filler is designed to meet cGMP standards. The machine is made to withstand dust and powder dust. It has a number of holes on its surface that can be used to control the process. It also has a safety door that locks the machine when the door is opened. It also has an emergency switch that activates when there is a shortage of empty powder.

The machine is equipped with a dosing disc that rotates at a specific speed. The dosing disc has an enlarged design to provide an even flow of powder. The machine also has a variable frequency drive system that helps control the speed. It also has an automatic lubrication system to increase the service life of the machine.

It has an enclosed dosing system that reduces the frequency of cleaning. The dosing disc is provided with stainless steel 304 frames and transparent safety interlock guards. The machine is also equipped with a dividing spindle that helps determine accuracy in dividing the turntable. It also has a CNC grinding machine that ensures the unity of the cams.

The machine also features a pneumatic system that helps in pushing the filling material into empty capsules. It also has a vacuum cleaning station that helps in separating the caps from the body. It also has a high-precision cam splitter that uses the optical dividing head of German Zeiss. It also has an adjustable powder block that ensures uniform powder distribution.

The machine has an enclosed dosing system that prevents dust from affecting the machine. It also has a lubrication system that helps in tightening the ribbon. It also has a safety door that is connected to the protection switch. It also has a gate control security system that prevents accidents. It also has a touchscreen HMI panel that allows for easy operation.

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